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20' x 20' High Peak Pinnacle Frame Tents


These tents are ideal for a variety of events, weddings, and parties. Pinnacle Frame Tents can be attached to each other in any variety of configurations and are used for spaces that are narrower than 40' wide.  The possibilities are endless!!!


Our Pinnacle Frame Tents take the shape of the larger pole tents and are also available to add extra square footage to the larger main tents.  Uses for these tent "appendages" include, but are not limited to, entrance/sign in area, catering tent, receiving line, dance floor area, and bar/lounge area.  We can place these tents virtually anywhere with relationship to the central tent.


These tents provide a touch of class for even the smallest events.  Add a tent liner, side pole covers, side walls, white garden chairs, cocktail tables and some lighting to make your event UNFORGETTABLE!!! 






Engagement Season is a little over a wee
40' Wide Navi Trac Tents  (Coming Soon)


These elegant frame tents have a solid structure with a vinyl roof to support and define the shape of the structure. The cables are anchored to the ground using stakes around the perimeter of the tent.  This can be done on soft surfaces, such as a lawn or a field, but can also be done on asphalt.   


This type of tent features no center poles and allows for full access of the space underneath the entire tent.  


These tents have the ability to come in a variety of lengths from 40' up to 100'.  Each section added will provide an additional 20' to the length and extra 800 sq. ft. 


Add side walls, white garden chairs, cocktail tables, up-lighting, cafe lighting, dance floor, bar area, lounge area, DJ area and/or catering tent to make your special day UNFORGETTABLE!!!


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